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With our academic skills, we will provide training for your staff. We’re not only developing the business for you; we are showing you how we do it.

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Our success as managers depends not only on our personal accomplishments but also on the accomplishments of our subordinates. For these achievements to be truly exceptional, team members need to capitalize on their skills as effectively as possible and reach their full potential. Sometimes, however, this cannot happen on its own, and our support is needed. Coaching, through its specific methods, is a managerial tool whose use facilitates personal development and leads to improved performance.

Our promise is that by the end of the training session, you will learn:

  • How to recognize the right and/or necessary moment to do coaching;
  • What are the stages of the coaching process;
  • How to use a number of specific coaching methods.

Managing a team is not a simple job. People have different personalities, abilities, and different work styles and communicate in different ways. Therefore, our role as leaders is to manage as efficiently as possible the stages of team formation and development, so that it reaches performance.

Our promise is that, by the end of this session, you will learn how to:

  • mobilize your people by helping them find and define their own role in each stage of team development;
  • promote cooperation and collaboration to strengthen team synergy.



Psychological studies have shown that people tend to act according to the expectations that others have of them. In other words, if we have limited expectations from our people, their results will be limited, while high expectations will lead to exceptional results.

Applying this theory, known as the “Pygmalion Effect,” can contribute to a significant increase in team productivity and mood, courage, and self-confidence.

We promise that, by the end of this session, you will learn:

  • the 4 factors of the “Pygmalion Effect”: climate, feedback, input, and output;
  • which are the essential elements for building employee trust.

Consulting in optimizing internal processes and performance management systems

From our experience, we find that in all areas of activity, in the context of a fierce competition sharpened by globalization, it is impossible to continue to carry out activities in the same way, defined years ago. Conditions have changed significantly.

However, most companies are traditionally structured, by functions/compartments, in the foreground being the company’s hierarchy. The client, however, is not interested in organizational charts but in fulfilling his requirements.

The known attributes – quality, price, delivery time – although fundamentally important to win and maintain collaborative relationships with customers, are no longer enough to represent a competitive differentiator. Today, the client has a much more complex profile, is much better informed, and virtual information media and social networks immediately make public his experiences, good or bad.



Evaluation of organizational structure and culture

Organizations with a constructive culture work better and achieve results more easily, being much more profitable in the medium-long term. A study published by two Harvard professors draws the attention of the whole world to a shocking truth: constructive cultures achieve long-term profit increases of over 70 times higher than defensive ones!.

However, 85% of the world’s organizations have defensive cultures, hostile to performance. A defensive culture is manifested by the fact that people avoid taking responsibilities, maintaining the status quo is more important than profit, and the level of acceptance between individuals is mandatory to be high, even if it is formal and cumbersome.

Mike Boldis will help you identify the main values ​​and behaviors present in the organization, which have a direct impact on the profit and loss account, and, in addition, develop action plans to improve the culture and increase the organization’s performance. in the short and long term.

Unlike traditional performance management, Agile Performance Management is dynamic and has a horizontal structure. This new evaluation model’s birth has its source in the social media explosion, transforming culture into a competitive advantage, and the emergence of a new model of decision-making, based on multiple sources of information (crowdsourcing).

Agile Performance Management is focused on both processes and results, which are flexible and transparent for all involved. Aligning employees to stated goals is a key point. The dynamic nature of this type of performance management is visible infrequent feedback and an operating model based on collaboration rather than authority.

The emphasis is on growth and communication in both directions between management and employees. The result is that employees understand the purpose of their actions, which leads to increased involvement and performance.


Success Stories

Mike is extremely talented and customer-focused always strives to 'do the right thing' for the client, even at his own expense. He's very creative and goal-oriented, I could always rely on Mike to go above and beyond in bringing projects to completion on-time while exceeding customer expectations. I wish all digital marketing techs were even half as talented and mature as Mike!

Alen Davit

Marketing Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mike while I was supervising my company's website. He is a true professional as well as friendly and expedient. He was prompt to help with any question or request I had.

Karin Evans

Ministries Manager at One London

Absolutely a great person to work with. Very professional and detail-oriented. Knows IT, web design as well as marketing, and much more.

Eric Austin

Senior Commercial Sales Consultant

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