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Conversion Rate Optimization CRO

Our team of specialists helps you increase the number of conversions generated by your site using existing traffic.

We analyze in detail how visitors interact with your site and, by implementing an effective conversion rate optimization strategy, we get notable results with direct implications in the rate of return (ROI) of all traffic sources.

Traffic indicators analysis


Our process begins with the analysis of traffic indicators. The role of this step is to understand the profile of the site and the activity of its users to identify the areas with the greatest impact and potential to increase the conversion rate.

Development and validation of hypotheses

After analyzing the traffic, we develop hypotheses to improve the content and flows to be validated by A / B and Multivariate tests. Variants are implemented whose results have had a significant impact on the conversion indicators.

The Optimization Keeps Going

Our process does not stop after implementing a variant that positively influences the conversion rate. We are constantly looking for and testing new possibilities to obtain better and better results by repeating the optimization process.

Conversion rate optimization is a key pillar in any online business strategy, and every day that passes without giving importance to this activity is a lost opportunity to generate more sales and get more customers.

Steps in the CRO Process

Conversion rate optimization strategies are customized for each site and involve the use of a mix of methods.


  • Multivariate and A / B testing
  • Recovery of abandoned baskets
  • Page text optimization
  • Set Up Conversion Tracking
  • Form Hypotheses
  • Run a Test
  • Analyze
  • Repeat

Conversion rate results influence ROI from any traffic source or campaign you run. The higher the conversion rate, the higher your ROI (return on investment).

CRO helps you have a better performance of site promotion because it increases each visitor’s value and the chance for that visitor to become a customer.

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